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2010-Jun-24 - Massive Muscle Bears

Posted in Gay Bears
Video: Massive Muscle Bears
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Studio: Massive
The hottest, hairiest, hunks are ready for action in this all male compilation. There's nothing but bears in this one, and they're eager to get started, so cum on in!

You'll see all the cock sucking, ball gripping, ass licking action you can handle! You'll be coming before they even get to the anal! There's great threesome action as well as two orgies!

Stars: Paul Carrigan, Carlo Cox, Zak Spears, Chris Steele, Trent Cougar, Ross Taylor, Dan Rider, Jake Dakota, Jack Radcliffe, Brendan Davies, Ken Mack, Blake Nolan, Dean Tucker


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2010-Jun-24 - Furry Fuckers

Posted in Gay Bears
Video: Furry Fuckers
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Watch these real, muscle-bound men mercilessly suck and fuck their way through each scene, only stopping to spurt hot, sticky wads of spunk across each other's beefy, bristled bodies, showing us what real men can do!! The big boys have come out to play, and there's not a twink in sight with the Furry Fuckers!

Stars: Jake Ryder, Jean Franco, Trojan Rock, Matthew Ford, Rocco Banks, Butch Grand, Tiko, Rafael (Eurocreme), Albert (Eurocreme)


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2010-Jun-24 - Bear On The Couch

Posted in Gay Bears
Video: Bear On The Couch
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Studio: HotDicks
Ben G. And Carl Hubay Jr. are heating up the studio with this lustful therapy session. Carl wants Ben G. to relax so he begins to take things into his own hands "literally". Nothing a little blowing can't handle of course. The therapeutics are just beginning with these two and once the session is over both will be very relieved.

Stars: Ben G., Carl Hubay Jr.


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2010-Jun-24 - Best Of Butch Grand

Posted in Gay Bears
Video: Best Of Butch Grand
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Big, bad and very hairy! If you like real men, then you'll love Butch Grand! From his thick beard to his bulging muscles and finally his big fat dick, the collection of his hottest scenes throughout his many and varied fucks at Alphamale will bring you closer than ever to Butch and will definitely have you cumming back for more!

Scene One: Three-way Vengeance!!

Wanting nothing more than to exact revenge in the horniest way possible, Trojan Rock and Orlando Toro chain up hairy hunk Butch Grand and subject him to an endless orgy of butt munching and cock sucking, even getting the hairy hunk to take Trojans mighty meat, creating the cock hungry passive man, as both hard hunks spunk all over him, making him drip with sweat and spunk and becoming a total sub for the two leathered up men. Trojan slides his bulging dick right into Butch, making the previously top-only man moan out as he experiences life on the other side for the first time, and from the levels of spunk flowing out of his dick, it wasn't all that bad!!

Scene Two: Spanish Hunks get it on.

Aitor runs by Butch's place, and takes the opportunity to ask for water, quickly pouring it down his sweaty body soaking his hairy chest and abs, turning Butch on like never before. Aitor is a real rough fucker, spitting, punching and exploring Butch's body inside and out. Both men have muscular hairy bodies, perfect to heave against in horny ways, getting harder and harder. Covered in tattoos, Aitor spits constantly through this scene, sharing his saliva with his new found fuck buddy as he slaps his dick around. Spreading Butch's hairy butt cheeks, Aitor enjoys giving a real ass exploration before pounding the sub dude hard and fast over the hay bales. Slipping fingers in as well, Butch is opened wide and cums hard!!

Scene Three: Cock Throbbers!!

Favourite hairy hunk Butch Grand opens the show at the Hoist with a fellow thick dicked bear. Feasting on each others throbbing cocks, these horny men are after dick and know exactly where to get it. Getting each other's shafts dripping with spit, Butch needs to feel ass, and lubes up his mates butt ready to take his nicely curved dick all the way inside. Watching these two hairy hunks get it on it going to make you rock hard and thrusting away.

Scene Four: Morning Glory!

Butch Grand gets a nice hard wakeup call when tattooed Tiko puts his morning wood to good use! These brawny, bearded beasts wake up together, realising the best way to start the day is with a stiff dick in the ass!! Hard, hairy bodies pressed together, they wrestle against each other and flex their massive muscluar frames before Butch buries his face in Tiko's tight, firm ass and explores his tight hole with his tongue, pushing it deep and really eating that juicy ass!! Tiko rolls over, opening his powerful, hairy thighs to expose his enormous cock, which Butch suckles and worships the way a cock that big should be!! Plus there's even more hardcore butt-fucking and some great 69 action in what is surely the perfect morning workout!!

Stars: Ray Stone, Aitor Crash, Trojan Rock, Butch Grand, Tiko, Orlando Toro


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2010-Jun-24 - Brutha And The Bear

Posted in Gay Bears
Video: Brutha And The Bear
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Studio: Prime Beef
My good friend, and BLACK INCHES cover model, Ty Lattimore has started his own company, and his first film, A LITTLE OFF THE TOP, is both clever and dick-smackingly wonderful, so when I saw one of his actors, Tankk Smith, I made a request, and since we are both professional men, he loaned me out Tankk for a film, much in the same way that studios loaned out actors at MGM and WB back in the 1930s. What did I like about Tankk? Well, I liked the name and I loved the look. He is all man, all black and all knowing! He was a pleasure to work with, and I wanted to exploit the fact that he was hairy and "solid" so I put him with my college cub, John Lawless. John, with the pierced nose and the faux-mohawk. I thought the two of them would compliment each other, and they sure did. When Tankk wraps his thick, manly arms around John and starts stripping him I knew the audience would be in for a good time. Lots of hot, slow tongue kissing, cock sucking and rimming are the prelude to Tankk's bareback fucking of John's sweet sweet ass. At first he tries a condom, but they were too small so he just dives in bare, making stalwart bottom John even wince when the girth of that cock slams into his ass. Both guys end the film by shooting nice thick creamy loads. If ya like to see different types go at, come watch what this "tank" does to our VW Beetle!

Stars: John Lawless, Tankk Smith


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2010-Jun-24 - Bear Plumbing Inc.

Posted in Gay Bears
Video: Bear Plumbing Inc.
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Studio: Pantheon Productions
Pipe-fitting is our specialty. In Bear Plumbing, Inc. seven blue-collar bears use every tool at their disposal to make sure the job gets done right. In these five hot scenes, Bear studs Ford Holland, Rob Thomas, Robert Elephante', Joe Ferrara, Kegan Daniels, Allen Silver and Marco Mazza show what really happens when those plumbers are in your basement or kitchen. Directed by Chris Roma.

Stars: Rob Thomas, Allen Silver, Ford Holland, Joe Ferrara, Robert Elephante, Marco Mazza, Kegan Daniel


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2010-Jun-24 - Best Of Carlo Cox

Posted in Gay Bears
Video: Best Of Carlo Cox
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This hung and hairy muscled fucker is a total power top who has been described as having the 'most perfect cock in porn' and now five of his hottest scenes have been brought together in this no-holds-barred fuckfest that shows exactly how this horny hunk uses those perfect 9 inches to their full potential, be it fucking a hungry hole or sliding down a willing throat!!

Scene One: Threesome Revenge!

Cheat Rocco is given his just desserts by hunks Carlo and Trojan. Sent in to make this tattooed top guy a snivelling bottom boy, they do their job and love every second of the punishment. Getting his ass rimmed by beefy Trojan and his has Carlos dick rammed down his throat, he's being well and truly used in the horniest sense of the word!!

Scene Two: Outdoor Fucking!!

Corsi (using the name Alex Baresi) is the star of the current Titan release - Breathless. Cox has also worked for Titan and Falcon. They are two beefy, hairy bodybuilders with shaved heads. They suck and rim each other's hairy arseholes. Cox finger-fucks Corsi before stretching him further with his big uncut cock. Corsi cums on his stomach and Cox cums into his own mouth.

Scene Three: Gorgeous Hunky Fuckers!!

Being caught having an al fresco wank brings a lot more fun than Dan Vega could have expected. Hunky lifeguards Carlo and Dean thrust their hard chunks of meat into Dans chiselled face and sucks as hard as he can!! All three muscled studs love the taste of cock and ass, they just can't get enough, and the fucking that Dean is given is mind blowing, watching Carlo slide around in his arse is cock throbbing to say the least but when Dans thick meat rams inside him you can almost feel the hole stretch itself!!

Scene Four: Carlo ploughs Parker!!

Taking the lost American to his caravan, Carlo is in the mood to ram his thick dick down a hunks throat, and parker is the lucky dude to get it!! The intense suck session outside is only the precursor to having Carlo slam his cock into Parker as he's laid out on the table!! Pounding deep, Parker can't take much before streams of jizz escapes his shaft, shortly followed by Carlo dumping his load, mixing the two pools of cum.

Scene Five: Prison Guard Abuse!!

This is a real ball buster!! Having been sent back to prison, surrounded by testosterone driven men, Carlo gets down and dirty with a hairy prison guard!! Back in the shower room, Carlo delves deep inside his hole and he can't get enough of his hairy body, licking it up and down without coming up for breath!! This is a fucking great end to a film bound to get you so hard you'll think your knob will never go down!!

Stars: Carlo Cox, Parker Williams, Dean Monroe, Trojan Rock, Rocco Banks, Dan Vega, Butch Grand, Alex Corsi


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2010-Jun-24 - Jonny's Place

Posted in Gay Bears
Video: Jonny's Place
Watch This Video!
Studio: Dragon Media
Hard drivin', muscular and manly...rugged and forceful! No matter how good these handymen are, it's unlikely that they'll ever be able to get the smell of man sex out of Jonny's place. Well-built, hairy construction worker types...goin' at it full bore! Manly frenetic copulation any way, anytime, anywhere! H airy man sweat and cum spews prevails! Features Jonny Mack's first adult performance!

Stars: Arpad Miklos, Mick Powers, Rodney Steele, Jonny Mack, Allen Silver


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2010-Jun-24 - Virgin Cherry Popped #1

Posted in Gay Daddies
Video: Virgin Cherry Popped #1
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Studio: MaverickMan22 Productions
Mav starts by exploring straight boy's body, rubbing the boy all over to help him relax and get into it. With the Boy on his lap, Mav squeezes his fat dick and sticks his tongue in his mouth. Then, Boy gets on his knees and pulls out Mav's fat cock. Mav gives him a lesson in how to give a blow job. Then, Mav makes the boy stand up and he sucks on his fat, uncut cock.

Mav and Boy take turns swapping blow jobs. Mav gives the boy a good lesson in how to give head. Muscle Boy gets down on all fours and sucks Boy's cock for a while too. The boys have a contest running to see who gives the best head. Mav and Muscle Boy both work on Boy's cock and send him over the top. Boy gets down on his knees and blow Muscle Boy while Mav plays with Boy's tight white ass. Both Mav and Muscle Boy get their dicks sucked by Boy for a while.

Then, Mav gets his face in Boy's tight, hairy ass and gets his hole ready to be popped. Mav pops the Boy's cherry with his fat cock deep in his tight little hole. The boy jerks and cums for the first time with a dick in his ass. Reluctantly at first, the Boy agrees to let the guys both nail his ass after he came, and then the hot screwing action begins.

Mav sits down and Boy straddles his dick and sits back slowly. Boy rides it like a champ. Then the boys move to the bed and Mav fucks Boy doggie, with Boy's face pushed into a pillow. The Muscle Boy gets his chance to fuck the Boy. Boy gets on his back, with his feet up, and Muscle Boy slides his dick in Boy's sore hole. Muscle Boy is a bit too rough for Boy, but he takes it anyway. Lots of nice close-ups of deep penetration action.

Mav gets back in and gently slides his fat cock back into the Boy's swollen hole. Mav loves feet in his face and licks and sniffs Boy's feet while he drives his cock into his ass. Boy giggles while Mav sucks on his toes. Mav really drills the Boy deep. Boy def gets into it and grabs onto Mav's ass while he's getting fucked. Boy keeps moaning, ''fuck me, fuck me'' over and over. This is AFTER he's come twice! Mav pulls out and blows a fat load on Boy's ripped abs. Muscle Boy passes the camera to Mav, then straddles Boy and blows his fat nut all over Boy's cum-soaked chest and belly. The boys all share a post-cum laugh.

Stars: Boy, Mav


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2010-Jun-24 - Extreme Penetration

Posted in Gay Daddies
Video: Extreme Penetration
Watch This Video!
Studio: SX Video
How much can one asshole take? Find out in these four scenes that literally stretch the boundaries of bareback butt play.

Scene 1 features sweet faced Ian Jay offering his tender hole to Jake Cruz, Dorian Black and Jude. The four start out with some heavy making out and dick sucking. Each top gets his chance to fuck Ian. It is not enough though. A bowling pin is next. Then loads of cum.

Andre Barclay and Tommy Rawlins bring a new definition to "hot" when they get together in Scene 2. Tommy services Andre's beautiful cock to get it really hard and ready for his asshole. After warming things up inside Tommy, Andre brings out the super sized dildo for some double penetration. Then comes the sling and a fisting that includes amazing punching action.

In Scene 3 super bottom Drew Peter's ass take a licking and keeps on ticking. Top Lito Cruz slams it to Drew's pucker. First a tongue, then a cock, a fist, a baseball bat and, later, a load of cum. Drew also does his famous self-fisting and expands it to self-punch fisting.

Christian Rock's long cock fits well in Frank Young's mouth and then asshole. Frank also gets double fucked several times with a cock/dildo combination. Next a water bottle gets used. Finally, a fisting sends Frank over the edge.

Stars: Drew Peters, Frank Young, Ian Jay, Jude (SX Video), Lito Cruz, Jake Cruz, Andre Barclay, Tommy Rawlins, Dorian Black, Christian Rock


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2010-Jun-24 - Monster Cock Breeders

Posted in Gay Daddies
Video: Monster Cock Breeders
Watch This Video!
Studio: U.S. Male
Big, juicy, raw cock...filling greedy, breeding manholes! Packed full of horny, big-dicked hunks eager to pound and fill willing bottom boy manholes with their baby-makin' batter. It's a perfect match...testosterone charged monster-cocked tops...and confirmed bottom boy sluts; united in the love of dick and cum!

Stars: James, Jack Wright, Roberto, James Jones, Roberto Gruber, Dark Devil


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2010-Jun-24 - Fit As Fuck

Posted in Gay Daddies
Video: Fit As Fuck
Watch This Video!
They don't come any fitter than Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin, two of the hottest slabs of beef to fuck their way through the men of Alphamale! Their enormous, muscular bodies; fat, delicious cocks; and lust for as much hard and dirty fucking as they can get has them known the world over as the perfect porn star couple! Watch their hottest scenes from their explicit exploits in films like "Latin Heat" and "Out in the Office" all in one hardcore collection!

Stars: Pedro Andreas, Daniel Marvin, Marco Blaze, Ross Hurston, Juan Blas, Diego Santos, Bruno Borda


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2010-Jun-24 - Dad Takes A Fishing Trip

Posted in Gay Daddies
Video: Dad Takes A Fishing Trip
Watch This Video!
Studio: Dragon Media
"Intergenerational was never so sensational! In this Ray Dragon/Joe Gage Media feature, acclaimed director Joe Gage takes to the road to explore the lives of a group of men from all walks of life and of all ages as they each experience their own intergenerational date with destiny. Dad (Allen Silver) leaves his son Carter (Justin Taylor) at home in Pensacola, Florida, and drives across the state of on his way to a much anticipated six-day fishing vacation. In Tallahassee, Dad passes the motel where he bunked as a youth while working for the Department of Highways. Inside, students Doug (Felix Andrews) and John (Richie Sabatini) have just started their summer jobs under the watchful eye of supervisor Neil (Andrew Justice). Neil proposes some ways for the three of them to pass their after-hours time. Neil's suggestions may not be legal in all states, but Doug and John decide to give them an energetic try. In the farm fields of Ocala, Dad comes across another father-and-son duo, Mr. Easton (Josh West) and Carl (Sean Preston). Mr. Easton hands his reluctant son over to straw boss Don (Dane Hyde) for a lesson in following orders that neither the adult man nor the 18-year-old boy will soon forget. Still on the road, Dad has a Bluetooth conversation with his pal, airline pilot Dean (Chad Brock). The two men make plans to meet up in Mosquito Lagoon, but Dean, passing through Puzzle Lake, thinks he might have lost his way. Dean spots Cody (Kain Warn) in a driveway, stops and asks the young man for directions. Although Dad has advised Dean to stay out of trouble, Dean can't quite keep his promise. Accompanied by hitchhiker Hutch (Ken Mack), Dad reaches Mosquito Lagoon. The two men stop for a piss break in an off-the-beaten-track cul de sac in an industrial area near the water's edge. Having pursued his father across the state, Carter appears, as does Mr. Easton - who knows the area well as a down-low trysting spot - followed by voyeur Guy (Colton Steele). The testosterone overload reaches a fever pitch and an electrifying, all-out, heavy-hung, horse-cocked, man-to-man sex explosion erupts. Will these guys ever get any fishing done? Only time will tell."

Stars: Justin Taylor, Ken Mack, Josh West, Sean Preston, Allen Silver, Dane Hyde, Felix Andrews, Colton Steele, Kain Warn, Andrew Justice, Chad Brock, Richie Sabatini


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2010-Jun-24 - Sleep Over Fuckfest

Posted in Gay Daddies
Video: Sleep Over Fuckfest
Watch This Video!
Studio: MaverickMan22 Productions
Hi guys, in this video we are giving you exactly what you want! Billy (from Virgin Cherry Pop! Gone Camping) is back, you all seem to love this boy for some reason? Could it be that he's as cute as a button and loves to fuck? In this video from last summer, Billy came over to hang out in the city with us. We shot some fun footage on a public bus, where we are clowning around and having some laughs. We spent the day together then had a seriously hot Sleep Over Fuckfest.

That night at the house it got pretty late, Hunter was kicking back shirtless watching TV and I was on the computer. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Billy staring at Hunters body. I saw his cock was hard and sticking up thru his sexy little undies. Until that moment it had been a nice relaxing night of watching a movie and all cuddling on the sofa together, I thought we were all just going to crash. Then all of a sudden Billy gets up, strips naked, walks by Hunter and playfully grabs his cock. Then the little imp comes over and sits on my lap, leans in to me close with a big smile on his face and whispers in my ear, ''I want to fuck.''

At that point I grabbed my camera, turned it on and said, ''repeat what you just said.'' We got right down to business. We started out with having Billy slowly pull Hunters sweat shorts down to expose his throbbing cock, and Billy went to town sucking on it till Hunter moaned with pleasure. At that moment I took advantage of that position and started eating Billy's hot little ass. Things quickly escalated to Hunter and I savagely plowing Billy's pink boyhole, bareback. We fucked so hard and long that night, it was exhausting and exhilarating. Lots of kissing, tongue sucking, ass eating, cock sucking and raw hard fucking...this video has it all, it's a winner.

Thanks for stroking with us,

XO Cole Maverick & Hunter

Stars: Hunter, Billy, Cole Maverick


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2010-Jun-24 - Man Cunt Breeders

Posted in Gay Daddies
Video: Man Cunt Breeders
Watch This Video!
Studio: Trigger Men
This is the second release from cum pig director Billy Gunn and it's full of ass breeding, hole slamming and seeding that other pussy corporate porn slaves are afraid of...but not these guys. In these five fuck scenes watch as dudes fuck bareback hardcore and then leave each other with huge creampies dripping from their assholes.

Stars: Brandon Matthews, Rhett Hengst, Moses, Tober Brandt, Steve Q, Dan Fisk, Sage Daniels, Zel Miller, Rowen Cooper, Paul Stagg


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2010-Jun-24 - 11 X 7

Posted in Gay Daddies
Video: 11 X 7
Watch This Video!
Studio: Slut Machine
This cock was made for fucking and that's just what it's gonna do. These are not internet inches but real life hole stretching inches. Seven scenes collected from Slut Machine Video and Red Stag Video. Only nice fat fucking plow pistons allowed in this deep throating, bareback, and ass pummeling is allowed when it cums to satisfying these studs and their craving for a meaty cock in every hole that they possess!

Stars: Neal, Jessie Balboa, Lito Cruz, Boy Fillmore, Blake Cocharan, Enrique Sparks, Derek Downs, Coop Jameson, Asif Omar


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2010-May-1 - Bear Plumbing Inc.

Posted in Gay Daddies
Video: Bear Plumbing Inc.
Watch This Video!
Studio: Pantheon Productions
Pipe-fitting is our specialty. In Bear Plumbing, Inc. seven blue-collar bears use every tool at their disposal to make sure the job gets done right. In these five hot scenes, Bear studs Ford Holland, Rob Thomas, Robert Elephante', Joe Ferrara, Kegan Daniels, Allen Silver and Marco Mazza show what really happens when those plumbers are in your basement or kitchen. Directed by Chris Roma.

Stars: Rob Thomas, Allen Silver, Ford Holland, Joe Ferrara, Robert Elephante, Marco Mazza, Kegan Daniel


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2010-May-1 - Inside Out

Posted in Gay Daddies
Video: Inside Out
Watch This Video!
Studio: COLT Studio
In a peaceful open field ...deep in the woods; these serene outdoor settings serve as the majestic backdrop for these four sizzling COLT Man encounters. A surreal atmosphere is created as the man-on-man passions from INSIDE the bedroom are brought OUT into the world of nature and the great outdoors. In the full light of day COLT Men indulge their passions and satisfy their lust for each other... what could be more natural?

Stars: Sky Thompson, Tom Chase, Luke Garrett, Eric Valentin, Mitch Branson, Darin Hawk, Ricky Parks, Jasper Van Dean


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2010-May-1 - Dads Fuck Lads - Breaking 'Em In

Posted in Gay Daddies
Video: Dads Fuck Lads - Breaking 'Em In
Watch This Video!
Daddy's home and he's horny! With a fresh batch of young, innocent twinks comes the opportunity to break them in and teach them how to take a real man's cock! Featuring four scenes of filthy older fuckers deflowering young virgin boys, splitting them open, and stretching their untouched assholes until the spurt their hot salty loads over the boys' wide-eyed and eager faces! It's a non-stop cherry pop fuckfest, where the men are in control and the boys just have to spread their legs and take it! When it comes to fucking--daddy knows best!

Stars: Duke (Bulldog XXX), Thierry Lamasse, Ivan Rueda, Nathan Price, J.P. DuBois, Eric Angeletti, Freddy Wolff, Thierry Schaffauser


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2010-May-1 - Taking Loads

Posted in Gay Daddies
Video: Taking Loads
Watch This Video!
Studio: RawJoxxx
Ask any barebacking Top what their favorite thing to do to a bottom and I am sure they will tell you - Breeding a Hot Hole!! This next bareback movie from USAJock does just that. Making hot bottoms take the seed of hot tops. If that seed wasn't planted deep enough you might get to see is drip out as the top pulls their meat out of their bottoms raw hole. Bareback lovers will love this!

Scene 1

Nothing like a hot bareback session to start off this raw movie. Mickey Wallace takes on bareback star Kyle Larson in a hot raw session sure to make you drip! Kyle starts off by force feeding his cock down Mickey's throat. This cock sucker has very good gag reflex! Kyle next goes for his sweet smooth hole by eating it out and getting it all wet and primed for his bare cock. Mickey bends over and shows his smooth big ass to Kyle who doesn't waste anytime getting in his hole raw. This one is sure to end in an explosion or two!

Scene 2

You gotta love fuck buds. They know how to please you, know how to take it and do as their told. Bradley knows exactly what to do to please his top fuck bud, Tyler Reed. Start with deep throating his cock and getting Tyler rock hard. Then bend over in your jock strap and let him bareback your hole. Sounds like a recipe for a good hard bareback fuck! Tyler plow this big bubble butt in a jockstrap like there is no tomorrow. Unloading a huge load deep in Brad's hole. You can tell Tyler did not unload all week cause there was a big fucking load leaking out has Tyler pulled his thick meat out.

Scene 3

Barebacking sensation star Maxime Fuuq makes a special appearance in this scene along with Colin Roberts. Maxime starts off by face fucking his buddy Colin good and hard so he can test Colin's gag reflex. Next he goes for a good ass eating to get Colin's ass ready for some hot bare cock. Colin takes Maxime's thick cock like a champ, swallowing every inch like he was meant to do. Maxime then throw's Colin on his back so he can shove his meat bare up that sweet begging hole. He fuck's him so hard Colin shoots his wad in no time only to have Maxime use his cum for lube for his cock to continue fucking this slutty bottom.

Scene 4

All you Tyler Reed fans know you can't keep him away from barebacking a hot hole. Especially his new hung fuck bud - Brett Rawdick. This dude is seriously hung and gets harder every time Tyler shoves his cock in his mouth. This bottom loves to be force fed cock starting with his mouth. In a rare moment you even see Tyler suck his cock! Tyler is not one for sucking cock so you know this has to be a hot cock! It doesn't take long for Brett to bend over his willing ass and take Tyler's thick meat bareback. And true to his form Tyler never pulls out but instead blows his load deep in this hot hole. Fuck ya!

Stars: Tyler Reed, Colin Roberts, Bradley Wescock, Kyle Larson, Maxime Fuuq, Brett Rawdick, Mickey Wallace


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